Ramadan Kareem

Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters

Ramadan Kareem

Insha Allah Taraweeh prayers would start tonight at 9.45 pm. Please try to follow all the precautions including face mask, social distancing and bringing your own prayers mats. If you are feeling unwell in terms of new onset of cold or fever avoid coming to mosque. Please do not bring children’s below 12 years of age. Women’s are welcome to attend Taraweeh prayers. Downstairs hall would be reserved for women. First floor prayer halls reserved for men. During Ramadan the mosque would remain open for all prayers except Fajar.

Please park your cars intelligently in the streets around mosque using parking on castle gate, blue gate and can also use parking provided by council on high street in front of Kwick Fit. Please avoid parking all the cars on Elmer street in front of mosque to avoid undue attraction by Police and General Public. Please ensure silence when leaving the mosque. Members from one family can stand side by side for best utilisation of space inside the mosque. Thank you for your cooperation.

There would be opportunity to improve the Tajweed for recitation of Quran for men daily between Asar and Maghrib prayers.

Jazak Allah Khair.